• Name: Katarzyna

• Hair: red, medium

• Age: 27

• Married: Yes

• Job: editor

• Name: Nasty

• Hair: colored, medium

• Age: 29

• Married: Secret

• Job: your mummy

• Name: Emma69

• Hair: brown, long

• Age: 28

• Married: No

• Job: photo model

• Name: Frau Lea

• Hair: black, long

• Age: 26

• Married: Secret

• Job: don't know

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Name: Katya

Age: 30 Hair: blond

Job: singer

Married: Secret

Name: Hot Olivia

Age: 21 Hair: black

Job: pop star

Married: No

Name: Mary Shelly

Age: 26 Hair: colored

Job: student

Married: Secret

Name: Sexy Secy

Age: 27 Hair: brown

Job: accountant

Married: Yes

Name: Sexi Mya

Age: 25 Hair: colored

Job: nothing special

Married: No

Name: LeeLooLee

Age: 22 Hair: black

Job: student

Married: No

Name: sexy Clara

Age: 26 Hair: brown

Job: street artist

Married: Secret

Name: Freja

Age: 20 Hair: black

Job: student

Married: Secret

Name: Camille Z.

Age: 24 Hair: colored

Job: teacher

Married: Secret

Name: Loraxxx

Age: 26 Hair: blond

Job: manager

Married: No

Name: Lily82

Age: 26 Hair: red

Job: celeb

Married: Secret

Name: Aleksandra

Age: 23 Hair: black

Job: secretary

Married: Secret

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